Redwood City Water Line Repair & Replacement

Water Line Repair
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Your water pipes, especially your main water line, are vulnerable to all types of problems. Leaks can be caused by trees growing into your pipes, the pipes aging into corrosion, the pipes freezing, corroding, or bursting, sediment buildup-the list is as long as the pipe itself.

Finding the problem can be complex and costly, unless you hire an experienced plumber who specializes in diagnosis.

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For more than 16 years, Pro Roto, Inc. has provided our customers with trustworthy service based on data and thorough investigation. What makes us the best plumber in town is our ability to find the source of your problem quickly, so we can provide a solution immediately. What other “big name” plumbers have taken months to find has taken us a few hours-that makes us the best plumbing company and the most affordable service.

Signs Need Water Line Repair or About to Fail

  • The faucet “stammers” or flows inconsistently
  • Water pressure is noticeably lower

  • Sudden loss of flow after a few days of cold weather

  • Contaminated or rusty water in all fixtures

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