Shower Repair & Bathtub Repair in Redwood City

Shower Repair
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If you need a plumber to repair your showerhead or bathtub, give Pro Roto, Inc. a call! We pride ourselves on discovering the source of your problems quickly, getting you a cost-effective solution in less time than “big name” plumbers.

As a local Redwood City plumbing company, we care about our neighbors, and we care that our customers have efficient and effective bathroom fixtures!

Our experienced plumbers have solved all of these problems and more – give us a call at for quick, responsive service!

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Showers and bathtubs can age a little roughly, leading to cracks and leaks in the tub or tile. Mineral deposits in the water build up in the showerhead, leading to low water pressure and strained flow. Other problems include clogged drains, broken shower controls, and more.

What makes Pro Roto the best plumber in town is our commitment to finding a once-and-for-all solution-our approach means we never have to go back and make the same repair twice. You can trust that when we say we fixed your problem, we mean for good.

Signs You Should Call Our Shower repair Plumbers

  • Minimal water coming out of showerhead
  • Leaks coming out of fixture’s attachment to wall

  • Cracks in the bathtub

  • Leaking on the bathroom floor

  • Waste water backing up through drain

  • Slow draining

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