Redwood City Sewer Repair & Installation

Redwood City Sewer Repair
Now Providing Camera Inspections & Trenchless Replacement

If you’re experiencing sewer line issues, call Pro Roto, Inc. immediately. Our plumbing technicians have years of experience with every kind of sewer repair; therefore, we can locate your problem and solve it quickly. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for plumbing emergencies. If you experience a sudden sewage backup or a burst pipe, Pro Roto provides durable and immediate plumbing repairs. Let us make your life simpler-contact us today!

Pro Roto, Inc. is an old-school, reliable plumbing company with new-school equipment and training. That means you can count on us to address the problem you have without trying to sell you services you don’t need. Our only goal is to make your life easier by solving your problems. Our sewer repair specialists utilize modern methods, including video camera inspection and trenchless repair, to give you the best possible plumbing repairs available in Redwood City.

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Modern Methods with Old Fashioned Honesty

Camera inspections allow us to show you exactly where your sewer line problems are and what we can do to fix them. As a result, we build trust with our customers. Whether we’re cutting tree roots, relining the pipe, or replacing the line outright, our customers know we’ll do right by them; therefore, we always have the right solution every time.

If you need your sewer line replaced outright, our team possesses vast expertise in trenchless repair. Essentially, we can place an entirely new pipe in the same place as your old pipe without digging up your yard. When you call us, ask how we can save you money on landscape repair while solving your sewer replacement.

Signs Your Sewer System Is in Trouble

  • Rotting smell in the house or yard
  • Mold growth and rotting smell in walls

  • Constant toilet clogging

  • Sewage backup into tub or toilet

  • Slow draining in tub or shower

  • Green, lush spots in yard

  • Septic waste pooling in yard

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