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Leak Detection
Professional Leak Detection and Repair Services

If you’ve got a leak, it’s time to call Pro Roto, Inc. as soon as possible! Our professional leak detection tools allow us to find the problem quickly and precisely, which means less damage to your home. Our repairs are guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting-no cheap fixes, and no costly return trips because we didn’t get it right the first time.

It takes trust to hire a plumber to find leaks in your home. You have to trust that your plumber will actually be looking for problems-not just for ways to upsell you. Our Redwood City commercial and residential plumbers at Pro Roto are always committed to building that trust, not padding our bills. Our customers come to us again and again because we continue to provide them with honest, affordable service that simplifies their lives.

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The Consequences of Ignoring a Leak

Pipe leaks lead to some of the worst plumbing problems for clients not because the leaks are necessarily fast, but because they’re invisible. This is especially true for slab leaks, which are leaks that form underneath your home’s foundation. Unseen leaks (which can often be heard but can go ignored for months) cause the greatest damage to homes and property because mold and corrosion worsen over time.

Neglected leaks can cause serious long-term damage to your home:

  • Shifting foundation
  • Severe mold growth

  • Lung issues

  • Humidity issues

  • Higher risk of home collapse

Signs that You Have a Slab Leak

Since slab leaks aren’t visible unless you dig up your foundation, you’ll have to rely on other signs that indicate a leak:

  • Unexplained spike in water costs
  • Constant running water sound

  • Moist flooring and baseboards

  • Warm zones under the floor

  • Cracks in the walls, floor, or found

To discover slab leaks, our team relies on professional equipment (e.g. electromagnetic pipeline locators) to finds the leak without exploratory excavation. That way, when we dig through your foundation to repair the leak, we can minimize the mess and damage to your home.

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