Redwood City Gas Plumbing Service

Gas Plumbing Service
Repairs & Replacements for Outdoor & Indoor Fixtures

Our plumbers don’t just handle the flow of water or sewage! Pro Roto, Inc. provides our customers with a full range of repairs, replacements, and installation services for their gas plumbing. Unlike water, leaks in your gas plumbing can potentially be life threatening. If you smell a leak in your gas lines, call our Redwood City plumbing specialists immediately from outside the home. Since there’s no way of knowing how long a leak has existed, you won’t want to risk staying in the home until we can find the leak and repair it.

No matter the plumbing need, Pro Roto is known for one thing: simple, honest service. We take our customers’ needs seriously, so we fix things for good-no needless return trips, no temporary solutions. Whether you need help with your outdoor fire pit, a new barbecue project, or your kitchen’s oven and range, our highly-trained and experienced technicians can help.

For gas plumbing emergencies, call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll always be available to provide immediate and durable repairs.

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Common Gas Pipe Issues

  • Leaking or broken seals
  • Loose connectors

  • Corroded joints/connections

  • Leaking/aging pipes

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