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Garbage Disposal Repair
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If your garbage disposal is acting up or not working like it should, call Pro Roto, Inc. today! We’re the old-fashioned plumbers who remind our customers why small businesses can be a better option than “big name” plumbers. We can handle any kind of garbage disposal issue, from minor repairs and unclogging to total replacement and installation.

For more than 16 years, our team of skilled plumbers in Redwood City has provided our customers with the most reliable, precise, and effective plumbing repairs in town. At Pro Roto, we love what we do, and what we do is make our customers’ lives easier and simpler. Good plumbing repair is just a phone call away: dial 24 hours a day for the help you need.

We have solved every kind of garbage disposal issue under the sun, so you know that we’ll have the right solution for your problem.

As diagnosis experts, we’ll quickly identify your issue and how to solve it. Give Pro Roto, Inc. a call for effective, reliable, and old-fashioned plumbing service.

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It’s a persistent myth that your garbage disposal teeth need to be sharpened. If your garbage disposal isn’t breaking food down and it’s causing sink backups, it’s likely an issue of the motor, not the teeth. The rotor’s teeth uses rotational force to break down food (like a blender)-it doesn’t need to be sharpened. However, teeth do get worn. You’ll need an expert to understand the specific issue in your case.

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

  • Constant clogging
  • Persistent rotting odors

  • Leaking from the hopper

  • Motor runs but teeth don’t rotate

  • Disposal doesn’t turn on

Possible Garbage Disposal Issues

Your garbage disposal is vulnerable to a number of issues, including:

  • Broken motor
  • Clogged hopper

  • Jammed disposal mechanism

  • Broken gasket/body leakage

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