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Repairs & Replacements for Outdoor & Indoor Fixtures

Pro Roto had a simple start—our founder got into plumbing right after high school, and he’s loved it ever since! After 20 years, he and his team have become the go-to plumbers in Redwood City for diagnosis, repair, and installation. For years, we’ve had an evident passion for helping people figure out their problems and solve them as quickly and effectively as possible. Our passion shows in everything we do—especially our results.

An Old-Fashioned, Reliable Plumber

The most rewarding part of our job at Pro Roto is making our clients’ lives easier. One of the best signs that we provide exceptional service is we never have to return to fix the same thing twice. Technicians at Pro Roto think to provide durable repairs that last for years—no low-quality fixes. That means when we finish up; you are finished with that problem for a long time.

We’re especially popular for our easy, stress-free sewer repair. Our team offers the best-quality solutions for your home or commercial plumbing issues—no matter how big or how small!

The Best Diagnosis Experts in Town

Pro Roto can handle any plumbing project, big or small, but we’re probably most well-known for diagnosing problems quickly and precisely. The faster we figure out our clients’ problems, the more money they save—so in the end, we’re one of the most affordable plumbers in town because we’re the best!

One of our favorite stories shows our problem-solving skills

One of our clients had a problem that persisted for over six months. Big-named plumbers couldn’t find the problem, no matter how many visits he scheduled (or how many hours the plumbers billed). When he called Pro Roto, we found the problem in 4 hours—and solved it for good.

That’s what we love about our jobs. Often, our customers are stressed out because their plumbing isn’t working, and they don’t know how to solve it. Our job is to make life simple for you again. Pro Roto, Inc. offers genuine 24-hour service—whenever you need us, we will be there!

Call us to schedule a service today. One call could save you hundreds of dollars!